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PC, Laptop and MAC repair, custom builds, upgrades and more!

Based in Hyde, East Manchester, we offer a range of services to help you with your IT issues from fixing a MAC that won't boot, building a new high performance gaming PC or setting up a a home network so you can get online or print from anywhere in the house.

We work evenings and weekends to fit around your schedule and will normally collect faulty equipment and get it back to you within 1-2 days.

Give our friendly team a call or send a message below to see how we can help you.

What we do:



Computer won't turn on, showing errors or just running slowly?

Don't worry - We can quickly diagnose and fix the problem and get the machine running like new.

Common problems are with operating system corruption or a failing hard drive. In the majority of cases we will be able to save your precious data.
If replacement hardware is needed we will always let you know the cost first and you can decide whether to go ahead.

Virus/Spyware Removal


Caught a virus? Hundreds of annoying pop-ups or suspicious programmes?

We'll use sophisticated software to find and remove any Viruses, Ad-Ware and Spyware. We will also make sure any AntiVirus software is properly configured to keep you safe in the future.

If you're security conscious, we can securely wipe your computers hard drive and restore to factory settings before you sell it.

Printer and Other Devices


Printer not printing/offline?

Wireless hard drive, scanner or ipad not connecting?

We've lots of experience with anything Tech and can help with computers, tablets and even your home AV setup.

Email, Internet and Network Problems

We can help set up email on your computer, tablet or phone so you can always have them.

We can set up or fix a home network so you can easily swap files, share a printer or use your 'Smart TV' without messy cables everywhere.

No WIFI in part of the house? We can design a wired solution or set up additional WIFI points so you get great signal throughout the house and even garden!

Upgrades, Installs and Custom Builds

We can recommend and install any new component to improve your computers' performance, re-install operating systems to get your computer like new or help set up new equipment for you at home.

We will also design and build a custom PC to your specifications, whether it be a high performance gaming PC, a media centre mini computer for the lounge TV, or a super quiet Music Production PC for excellent sound quality.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements, without the high street prices!

Screen Replacement


We will find and order a replacement screen for your computer model and can fit it within a couple of hours once delivered.





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